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AIM Connected 2019.

9 April '19'.

Our first public outing as archForm saw us at the AIM Connected conference in London last week. The event is AIM’s “new flagship event [offering] unrivalled insight on the future of music in the digital world and how to grow an independent music business”.
(There’s more about it here).


It just so happens we’re an independent music business, and Joshua was asked to moderate a panel titled “Smart Devices’ Effect on Streaming”.


There were a couple of key takeaways from this. Firstly, smart devices, eg. Amazon’s Echo, increase the amount of time people spend listening to music (always useful if you’re someone making music). Secondly, being able to describe the mood and other contextual information about your songs when they’re uploaded to platforms like Amazon Music and Deezer is going to be increasingly important. At the moment, your distributor should be able to send the lyrics as part of the upload, so make sure yours is doing that as a minimum. This kind of thing is useful when someone asks Alexa something like, “What’s that song that goes ‘I tried to coax him out, with milk chocolate pies, but he would not move a muscle…’, and Alexa knows to start playing Boll Weevil by Presidents of the United States of America.


If you’re interested in reading more about smart devices, Benedict Evans’ blog/newsletter has a lot of interesting articles. He’s a really good person to follow if you’re interested in the wider world of technology. There are also a few choice quotes from members of the panel on MusicAlly.


Photo by Jennifer McCord.