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ARK coworking and spARK.

26 April '19'.

When we first started working on archForm, our office was basically the reading rooms of the British Library, which can’t be beaten if you’re starting a business and need some free working space outside your own bedroom. However, we soon began to feel a bit limited by the lack of private space and the no talking rule...


Through friends of friends we had heard about ARK coworking, just up the road from the British Library, and its spARK programme: a 3 month scheme offering a free coworking membership and coaching to new businesses.


Happily they accepted us on to the scheme, and we started working from ARK in January 2019. The benefit of having an actual ‘office’ so early on has been huge, and we got far more done in those three months than would have been possible otherwise.


A perk of the scheme was the weekly mindfulness sessions with Andy Hix, which helped make sure we didn’t take ourselves too seriously and stuck to our values when making decisions.


In short, we wanted to say that ARK is great, the people here are great, and if you’re a new business we couldn’t recommend the spARK programme more highly. We’ll be based here for a while yet!


They even took some nice photos of us, clearly showing that Nick is jollier than Joshua.