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Brother’s Testament is a London-based jazz fusion band, comprising Munashe-Caleb Manyumbu, Mark Mollison, Hugo Piper and Jack Robson. We first met Munashe-Caleb earlier in the year and soon got really excited by his plans for the creative direction of the group, bringing a forward-thinking approach and an eclectic mix of influences to a strong jazz foundation. He's also pretty fastidious when it comes to the business side of things, so it's great to be working with him on some very clear and ambitious plans!


The band is already established on the live scene, and there's a chance you might have caught them at one of Brainchild, Wilderness (in association with Jazz:refreshed), Jazz Cafe, Ronnie Scott’s, London Jazz Festival, Vortex Jazz Club and Jazz FM’s Jazz in the Round and Foldedspace.


They released their debut EP, Ascent, in 2018 followed up by single Deborah II earlier this year. They’re currently working on their next EP, which will be released with archForm in late 2019 / early 2020.