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inka upendo.

  • Inka Upendo


We first heard Inka’s music in late 2018 and immediately headed down to Falmouth to meet her; since then, we’ve been working together towards the release of her debut EP in 2019. We love the unique colours and textures she creates as a producer and songwriter, pairing intertwined, experimental percussion with found sounds, synthesizers and ethereal vocals.


Originally from Helsinki, Inka now splits her time between Falmouth and Finland. Her new release, Mellow, is part of the first compilation album released by EEL, a new label formed by a Falmouth-based collective of artists including Hockeysmith. She has performed live shows in Falmouth, Winchester and London, and at the festival Kontula Electronic in Finland.


Inka’s upcoming EP, due to be released in 2019, contrasts dark and light elements of production, exploring themes such as feelings of inadequacy, the absurdity of love and the ubiquity of capitalism.