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  • Marino Arcaro


Marino is a composer and music producer. He works across multiple spheres and doesn't see a divide between different genres, which is a big part of why we wanted to start working with him. He'll often be involved in a diverse set of projects, from composing preludes for classical guitar to producing a new singer's EP. This keeps his music fresh, innovative and interesting without coming across as alienating or too introspective.


A Brazilian, living in London, with Italian citizenship, he moved to the UK to study for his masters in composition at the Royal Academy of Music. Since, he has worked with cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason, percussionist Colin Currie, guitarists Vitor Noah and Giacomo Susani, the baroque ensemble Les Laurentines and the CHROMA ensemble, as well as many others.


The Royal Academy of Music has commissioned his Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra, premiering in September, with a number of other projects also coming out this year.