archForm logo

archForm branding by Claudia Fragoso.

15 July '19'.

It feels like a while ago now, but coming up with branding for archForm was one of the first things that we set out to do after we founded the company. We wanted to communicate our ideas about prioritising the relationship between artist and fan, aiming to bridge that gap as directly as possible and enable networks of artists and fans to coalesce independently. In summary, lots of small components coming together to create a larger whole, like an arch! There seemed to be a natural tendency towards architectural themes when talking about the company name and branding.


From the outset, we knew we wanted to work with Claudia Fragoso on the design. Nick had been friends with Claudia since university and we both really loved her previous work as a designer and architect, so it seemed like a pretty straightforward choice! Luckily, Claudia also wanted to work with us, and we began working on the branding at the beginning of this year.


Claudia was an absolute dream to work with throughout the process, helping us to realise our not-so-well articulated ideas about archForm, and what we wanted it to become. We’re incredibly grateful to her and wanted to get her thoughts on the process as well:


"I was very excited when Nick and Josh explained their first ideas about archForm to me. Their openness to ideas and the democratic nature of our discussions resonated with me and immediately triggered a number of ideas. It became clear early on that my instincts were in line with theirs. I truly enjoyed the challenge of developing the final design to express archForm’s strive for innovation, diversity and willingness to take risks.


The project was difficult at times, as we came to the realisation that there was little precedent for what we were aiming to do. Our many conversations revolved around trying to find a visual identity that sat somewhere between the distinctive aesthetics of our favourite record labels and the fluid usability of our favourite tech services. Achieving the correct balance took many attempts and reviews!


Whilst I am currently training to qualify as an architect, I am also devoting time to projects in other creative disciplines, from theatre and stage design to motion graphics and animation. My architectural background gives me a particular lens through which to view each design challenge, and I try to embrace that. Although our backgrounds are different, it was clear from the way Nick and Josh first presented archForm to me that we had a mutual desire to maintain a clear narrative throughout the evolution of the design. I am delighted to have contributed to these early steps and equally excited to see what is in store next for archForm."


You can go check out more of Claudia’s work on her site.