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Working with Marino Arcaro.

14 June '19'.

We first came across Marino through a friend of Nick’s who is also a composer, and the first recording we heard was of an accordion concerto - turns out that's a thing! We were intrigued and started chatting in April.


Right from the start, the way Marino spoke about his music really resonated with us. There was a lot of common ground in exploring how you reach new audiences and not differentiating too much between different types of music. One moment we’d be talking about classical guitars and accordions, and the next discussing the thought process behind his production approach for a more 'pop' EP.



Marino has a lot of existing music that we can’t wait to release, as well as some exciting projects coming up this year and beyond. In particular, look out for our first release together - three solo guitar pieces - as well as his Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra, commissioned by the Royal Academy of Music, which premiers in September.